Au travers de nos actions de formations, nous cherchons en permanence à intégrer dans nos programmes:

  • l’amélioration des compétences,
  • l’optimisation des coûts des produits,
  • la création et l’innovation.

Nous travaillons directement sur vos produits et process à travers des méthodes et des études de temps.
Nous pouvons le réaliser nous-mêmes les études ou les réaliser avec la collaboration de votre équipe. (nous pensons que la 2ème approche est plus enrichissante pour vos études)

Les tableaux ci-dessous résument quelques-uns de nos outils:

Mesure des temps: pour définir des objectifs réalistes

  • MTM2, GSD or SMB2 : specific PMTS adapted to our field of activities.
  • Stopwatch : tranversal tool for direct measurement that can be used anywhere.
  • Catalogs : data time developed and adapted during our actions to the specific needs of the company.
Time Tools :MTM2GSDSMB2StopwatchCatalog
To calculate times tailored to a specific business we use methods appropriate tools:
MTM2 mainly for all types of medium and large components assembly
GSD for any sewing (automotive or furniture seat cover, clothing industry…)
SMB2 for all types of internal logistics flows
Stopwatch transversal tool used to measure directly operations of all trades
Catalogs timebase adapted to the activity of the company that uses it.
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MTM-2 is based on MTM-1. MTM (Methods Time Measurement) is in a production process with manual tasks. It is a specific way for define precise production time and establishing strong performance benchmarks for assembly industry.

MTM uses also these durations to establish baseline standards for assessing worker performance and effectiveness. MTM2 is time method that we use in most of our assembly studies. (click for more details)

GSD® is the world’s leading methods management system and is a Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS), designed specifically for the sewn products industry. Its primary function is to rationalise manufacturing methods and to produce an accurate evaluation of the time required to perform a specific task or operation. (click for more details)
SMB method (standard handling basic) has been developed in France for over 30 years to meet the specific needs handling.
It provides the analyst:
– A common communication language that will allow all to develop models but also to understand the applications developed by other ranges,
– A database of time that will enhance the activities of most handling equipment but also for all manual actions.
The implementation of SMB models allows the company:
– To compare its efficiency to that of the standards determined by SMB
– Better allocate its resources based on changes in the level of its activity,
– To analyze the structure of its processes and to extract the non-value-added
– Simulate different choices of possible organization before their implementation,
– To calculate the return on investment of its improvement projects
– to better sell its logistics services by setting up tools for trading standards. (click for more details)
Stopwatch is a direct measure of time in the workshop. It must be performed by a qualified technician who can interpret the results of his actions, and having good interpersonal skills facilitating relationships with operators.(click for more details)
Owning a time database is fundamental for the company.

The data organization is critical to help find information and to use it efficiently. This data is mainly used for the calculation of new products and improve the time and cost of manufacturing current products.

Good time organization starts from the “micro operation” to the range including line balancing. (click for more details)

Logistique: pour organiser les flux et optimiser les stocks et la MOD

Training Technical Support
Process logistic (Flows & material analyse…
Time Methods (SMB2, Stopwatch…
Time analyse (Balancing, Productivity…
Process logistic (Real case study…
Logistic audit (gap, improvement…
Organization (Shopfloor, flows…
Time catalog (structuration, optimization…
Coaching & support (Method, time…