“For manufacturing companies, such as sewing, it is essential to have an effective and efficient production tool. To produce at the lowest cost, they must continuously improve productivity through the efficiency of their products and resources.”

  • Our Expertise is mainly technical. It covers all the manufacturing process of:
    1. Clothing for Industry Apparel
    2. Seat cover for automotive or furniture.
  • Our fields of action encompasses the study of productivity in all stages of manufacturing, but focuses more specifically: the industrialization of products, methods, production and all internal logistics flows. Read more…



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The efficacy and quality of the cut are critical both for the assembly as for the final appearance of the product. We can help you optimize this initial stage of production. Our field of expertise will allow you to better organize your cutting workshop….

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The optimization of the assembly area is strategic because it is very consuming in time and personnel, therefore in direct cost. Our field of expertise enables intervention both on the sewing improving and on all organizational factors of production tools…

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Flow management begins upon receipt of raw materials and ends with the shipment of finished products. The logistics guarantee the internal Just In Time by delivering at the right time the right component at the right post. Logistics is a key function your plant…

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How we audit?


  • Our audit is mainly technical and centered on the performance of your production facilities and can be both for a ponctual analysis or for an overall problem.
  • We adapt our strategy according to your demand, the structure and need of your business.

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What types of support?


We operate both for:

  • strengthening for work overload
  • Coaching of engeneers or gap leader…
  • Training in production, methods; time measurement…
  • Assistance in organisation, continus improvement…

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  • Operators in the use of new tools, improved procedures…
  • Engineers in the field of methods, time, organization…
  • Gap leadres coaching in the fields of the production line, improving efficiency, operators training….

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